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Power Wheelchair
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Commode Range
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Attendant Wheel Chair
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Home Health Care Products

C Pap Machine

We are recorded among the finest providers of C pap machine in Ahmedabad. We offer progressed C pap machines that are sourced from the best manufacturers from India and over the globe. C PAP machines remain for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure and are generally recommended by specialists to be utilized by patients experiencing sleep apnea. Frequently disregarded, Sleep apnea is a fatal issue which can prompt lethal outcomes if overlooked. Our offered C pap Machines increases the air pressure which in turn prevents soft tissue from blocking the air way in the throat of the patient.


Accessible in various details, models and highlights; the item provided by us are frequently viewed as the best CPAP Machines in India. Besides, we likewise offer support and adjusting of these machines with help of a prepared and qualified group of experts. Focused estimating is another factor that has helped us grow the request of our C PAP machines crosswise over India. We have accomplished a tremendous customer bolster over the national and also global industry with the guide of our high caliber and enduring exhibit of these machines. Moreover, we give them in superb bundling answers for keep up their best quality.

Portable Oxygen Concentrator

We are engrossed as the leading foremost manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Portable Oxygen Concentrator. The offered Portable Oxygen Concentrator is widely used in hospitals and clinics to provide unremitting and rigorous flow of oxygen, our assortment is recognized among the customers for its adjustable flow-rate and pressure swing adsorption technology. These offered products are mainly utilized for therapeutic applications in hospitals and clinical settings.


A portable oxygen concentrator takes encompassing air and filters through everything aside from the oxygen. There are a few unique kinds of Portable oxygen concentrators from solid, longer-enduring models to effective, light-weight ones. This therapeutic hardware is broadly known for their unwavering quality, low upkeep and simple establishment. This Portable Oxygen Concentrator is a simple to work display that produces consistent oxygen guaranteeing the nearness of air and power.

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter / Hand Held Pulse Oximeter

With the endorsement of our adept and seasoned professionals, we are engaged in offering a commendable range of Fingertip Pulse Oximeter / Hand Held Pulse Oximeter. In line with clients' comprehensive desires, we offer these products in various customized options. Under the direction of our professionals, the offered products are manufactured using modern technology and superior quality raw material. Known for their flexible, easy to install, durability and lightweight, the offered products are highly appreciated in the market. With the support of our experts, we have been able to furnish the diversified requirements of our respected clients in the most effective way.


The offered Fingertip pulse oximeters/Hand Held Pulse Oximeter just measure a few ounces and they are small to the point that it can fit in your shirt pocket. Fingertip pulse oximeters show SpO2 (Oxygen Saturation %) and heart rate in thumps every moment. This is a similar data that bigger more costly hand held and tabletop beat oximeters give without relinquishing precision. Fingertip pulse oximeters/Hand Held Pulse Oximeter give exact readings inside seconds making it the ideal gadget for spot checks. Since fingertip pulse oximeters/Hand Held Pulse Oximeter are principally utilized for snappy readings and not for expanded persistent readings there are no alert choices for fingertip pulse oximeters. We suggest hand held or tabletop oximeters with alerts if the caution alternative is required.

Infrared Non Contact Thermometer

Incepted years ago in this domain of manufacturing, supplying and exporting the best quality of Infrared Non Contact Thermometer which is also known as infrared pyrometers, visual IR thermometer and contact thermometers. An infrared thermometer is a thermometer which surmises temperature from a bit of the warm radiation now and then called blackbody radiation discharged by the question being estimated. They are now and again called laser thermometers as a laser is utilized to help point the thermometer, or non-contact thermometers or temperature weapons, to portray the gadget's capacity to gauge temperature from a separation.


By knowing the measure of infrared energy produced by the object and its emissivity, the protest's temperature can frequently be resolved inside a specific scope of its genuine temperature. Infrared thermometers are a subset of gadgets known as "warm radiation thermometers". They likewise offer a wide assortment of tests, frill, and application ability for a total scope of temperature applications. Temperature is frequently the first and least demanding to-discover sign of a creating issue and can be immediately utilized as a screening system for circumstances that will profit by encourage investigation.

Portable Suction Machine

We offer very solid suction mechanical assembly that are perfect for recuperation rooms, crisis rooms, nursing stations, nursing homes and private practices. These Portable Suction Machine units are for the most part utilized for depleting and expelling discharge, blood, sputum, bodily fluid, and so forth. Our scope of Portable Suction Machine contraption are anything but difficult to utilize, more exact and encourages enhanced patient care. In pharmaceutical, gadgets are some of the time important to make suction and in this way Portable Suction Machine are utilized amid and after surgery to clear the aviation route of blood, salivation, upchuck, or different emissions with the goal that a patient may inhale while in surgery suction machines can be utilized to expel blood from the region being worked on to enable specialists to view and work on the territory.


Portable Suction Machine may also be used to remove blood that has built up within the skull after an intracranial hemorrhage. Portable Suction Machine Unit with adjustable flow regulator removes fluid from the airway or infectious materials away from a wound site. The device creates a negative pressure (vacuum) that draws fluid through disposable tubing that is connected to a collection bottle. The fluids are then trapped in the collection bottle for proper disposal.

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Eco Wheel Chair Commode Range
Eco Wheel Chair Commode Range
Deluxe Wheel Chair Reclining Wheel Chair
Deluxe Wheel Chair Reclining Wheel Chair
C.P Child Wheel Chair Attendant Wheel Chair
C.P Child Wheel Chair Attendant Wheel Chair
Transit Wheel Chair Power (Motorised)
Transit Wheel Chair Power (Motorised)
Walker Commode Chair
Walker Commode Chair
Bath Bench Walking Aids
Bath Bench Walking Aids
power wheelchair Bi-Pap Machine
power wheelchair Infusion Pump
power wheelchair Digital Ecg Machine
power wheelchair Oxygen Concentrator
power wheelchair Fetal Monitor
power wheelchair Fetal Doppler
power wheelchair Multipara Patient Monitor
power wheelchair Multiparameter Patient Monitor
power wheelchair Biphasic Defibrillator
power wheelchair Stethoscope
power wheelchair Motorized Hospital Bed
power wheelchair Ambulance Stretcher
power wheelchair Emergency Stretcher
power wheelchair Airbed for Bedsores
power wheelchair C Pap Machine
power wheelchair Portable Oxygen Concentrator
power wheelchair Fingertip Pulse Oximeter / Hand Held Pulse Oximeter
power wheelchair Infrared Non Contact Thermometer
power wheelchair Portable Suction Machine